Owner/GC Project Name
Rodman Kyle Parkway
Knife River STP 2006(607)
Archer Western IH-35
Royal Vista Toll Ramps
Purcer Construction City of Killeen
Dan Williams Construction IM 0353(256)
City of Austin Sand Beach
Capital Excavation NH 2006(759)
Texas Sterling Caesar Chavez
Capital Excavation IH-35 & RM 620
J.D. Abrams BR 2005(912)
RGM Scofield & Howard
Zachry STP 2002(662)
Ballenger MG 2004(548)
Foremost Construction C39-17-148
Ballenger C528-1-83
Capital Excavation IM 0353(263)
GC/Owner Project Name
TxDOT Freeway Traffic Management System
Williamson County Williamson County Non-Site
TxDOT Travis County Non-Site
TxDOT Hidalgo County Non-Site
TxDOt Hidalgo County Non-Site
TxDOT Hidalgo County
City of Round Rock Travis County
TxDOT Webb County
TxDOT Travis County Illumination
TxDOT McLennan County Non-Site
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